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Great Lakes TPA Magazine - October 2017

Product Showcase

Make a Positive Impression in the Global Marketplace

The United States is the fourth-largest exporter of forest products, with logs and lumber comprising more than 50% of forest product exports [1]. Exports of hardwood logs and lumber are at a record-setting high, as January to July 2017 saw a more than 13% increase in hardwood exports over the same time period in 2016 [2,3]. As exports increase, so does the need to ensure your company’s brand identity is well-represented to your customers around the globe.

For more than 40 years, U•C Coatings has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality wood protection and identification products for the logging and lumber industry. As the industry and the export of forest products have grown, so too have our product offerings, as we work to meet and exceed growing demand. As a result, our products are used worldwide to ensure our customers achieve higher yield with less waste, add value to their lumber for their customers and make a positive impression in the global marketplace.

Understanding that a company’s brand is its first impression, our team developed Gempaint®, a high-quality branding paint for marking kiln-dried lumber. Gempaint is specifically formulated for marking the ends and sides of lumber with the producer’s logo and corporate colors.

 Why Gempaint?

For more than 30 years, Gempaint has been trusted by lumber companies throughout North America as the key identifier of their exported products. Gempaint is used on lumber that is later processed for the manufacturing of cabinets, furniture, residential wood flooring, molding and architectural woodwork.

Gempaint was developed specifically for dried lumber.  It is a specialty paint that provides superb coverage, even on more porous hardwood species. More than 35 vibrant colors are available, providing the opportunity to match your company’s brand and ensuring your customers can easily identify your lumber.



Similar in viscosity to latex paint, Gempaint can be easily applied using a brush, roller or sprayer. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous water-based paint that can be easily cleaned up using hot, soapy water. Solvent cleaners are not needed or recommended.

Gempaint can also be used to indicate different wood species or grades. Different colors can be used in conjunction with other markings so that the lumber can be easily identified by both importers and buyers.

In a global marketplace, your company’s brand is everything. Make a positive impression with Gempaint and U•C Coatings.

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