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Great Lakes TPA Magazine - October 2017


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Product Showcase: UC Coatings

Make a Positive Impression in the Global Marketplace

The United States is the fourth-largest exporter of forest products, with logs and lumber comprising more than 50% of forest product exports [1]. Exports of hardwood logs and lumber are at a record-setting high, as January to July 2017 saw a more than 13% increase in hardwood exports over the same time period in 2016 [2,3]. As exports increase, so does the need to ensure your company’s brand identity is well-represented to your customers around the globe.


Director's Notes

What’s a trucker to do?   Perhaps the better question might be, what will the producers do?  Electronic Log Devices (ELD) have been in the works for several years with an implementation deadline of December 18th of this year.  What that means is any trucker who qualifies must have an ELD installed and operational by the December date.  Despite best efforts by many organizations at both the national and local level, and even though there are some exceptions being sought, implementation is still set for December 18th.   As evidenced by the rule and based on our discussions with federal policymakers, no credence was given to the difference between short and long haul trucking.


FISTA Report

Equipment Hazards - Tire Explosions

There have been instances of brand new truck and tractor tires spontaneously, and violently, exploding with no apparent cause while still mounted on the vehicle. The forces involved in this type of explosion are very powerful and capable of causing serious injury to anyone in the immediate vicinity, or a collision if this occurs while the vehicle is being driven.


President's Message

Over the last several months, as a business owner, I know I have spent many nights worrying about what the weather conditions are doing to my business.  There is no doubt that it has been a difficult year once again for loggers and truckers alike.  It has not only been raining constantly, but the accumulative amounts are high besides.  Anyone who has been in the business knows that this is part of the pattern.