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Great Lakes TPA Magazine - June 2017




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Product Showcase:

Investing in the Future
with Technology, People and Facilities

The logging industry is full of challenges, with loggers facing multiple variables – many of which they cannot control – that can impact profitability. Given the many obstacles, it is important for loggers to take advantage of what they can control, and take advantage of the tools that can help them do this. Integrated technology solutions are one way to do this. Technology solutions connect owners and operators with their machines, jobsites and dealer, putting loggers a step ahead of potential issues. Read More...

Director's Notes

The budget process for state legislatures and state agencies is typically a challenging time as wants usually outweigh needs and those in elected or appointed positions have to debate the value of one over the other.   As a former self-employed entrepreneur, much like the members I now have the privilege of representing, I’ve often wondered why government doesn’t run on the same budget principles I had to follow.  If times were tough and the price of my product was down, the family made adjustments accordingly knowing we had to stay within our budget or face the consequences of extended credit.   In other words cut the budget and live within our means or go in debt further expanding the problem. Read More...

FISTA Report

Humans instinctively seek a way to avoid pain and death and yet, we may behave in a manner that is a threat to our wellbeing. There are a couple of reasons why this occurs the first is lack of knowledge. What you do not know can hurt you. Read More...

President's Message

I want to thank everyone who attended the GLTPA Trucker’s meeting on May 2nd, in Tomahawk.  I hope it help clear up any questions you may have had.  I know that many of us, including myself, hate the thought of the added expense, but none the less we must be in compliance by 12-18-17.  The two exceptions to that are: #1. You are using an AOBR that was installed prior to 12/18/17.  Then you have until 12/16/19.  #2. That you are exempt from needing the ELD.  The exemption information can be found at  I want to make sure that it is understood that the ELD must be listed on the FMCSA’s registered ELD list.  If it is not listed, it is not considered an ELD under 395.22(a).  You can find that list at  If you’re like our office, we have been flooded with calls and emails from companies trying to sell us ELDs, but none of them are on the list.  The rules from the FMCSA about the ELDs in my option are made more for the over the road truckers but unfortunately, we must comply also.  I don’t know how much more the smaller local trucking companies can handle before we are out of business.  We just can’t afford the added expense of all the mandates and rules. Read More...