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Great Lakes TPA Magazine - July 2017


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Product Showcase:

PONSSE ACTIVEFRAME is a new cabin suspension system for 8-wheelers. It has a simple and functional structure, hydraulically suspending any sideways movement directed at the operator effectively and unnoticeably. As a result, driving is very comfortable and any stress on the body is much smaller than before.


Director's Notes

In order to help members save time in their daily operations, an effort was initiated to change Michigan’s state (not county) permit system for hauling equipment.  Under current Michigan law loggers and others are required to have a permit for each truck, trailer and individual piece of equipment being transported identified by the individual serial number of each piece.


FISTA Report

Many people don’t believe it can happen. For no apparent reason fire erupts, usually during off hours. It does happen! It’s called spontaneous ignition and preventing it is part of your job. Spontaneous ignition occurs when a combustible object is heated to its ignition temperature by a chemical reaction occurring in the air around us. This “oxidation” process creates heat that if not dissipated will build up until ignition occurs. Generally this can happen when the materials are left in piles and the heat being generated in the pile cannot be released into the air.


President's Message

I am in the office today, because the weather is not being very cooperative and it leaves me with little to be able to do in the woods.  It is beginning to look like we will be facing another wet summer on top of the short winter.  That being said, this month we are talking about some of the other struggles that we face as loggers.  Tree disease and invasive species.