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Great Lakes TPA Magazine - January 2017


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Product Showcase: Complete Cellular Services

Barko’s new Rough Terrain Carrier loader package hits the logging market.

Like any other production market, forestry has seen its fair share of technological evolution, with manufacturers like Barko constantly innovating new features to improve their machines.

Of course, plenty of people still remain attached to certain pieces of older equipment that have served them well over the years. The dealers and service shops that keep equipment in operation know this firsthand. Read More...

Director's Notes

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”    Mark Twain

In 2015 the Wisconsin State Legislature passed legislation, Act 358, directing the Department of Natural Resources to increase its Forest Production land management classification from 66% to 75% for state forests.  That’s an increase of 9% or roughly 40,000 acres of the current 451,000 acres of state forest.  Total land owned by the state is just over 1.5 million acres.   With the exception of the Brule River State Forest which is currently undergoing review of its fifteen year management plan, each forest developed a management plan variance in order to comply with ACT 358.  On November 2nd and 3rd, 2016 the variance plans were unveiled for public review for each of the forests. Read More...

FISTA Report


Would you know what to do if an emergency occurred while you were on the job? Do you know what actions to take if a co-worker was seriously injured, a fire ignited, or a structure collapsed? Are you prepared to react?

Emergencies and disasters are a reality of everyday life. Local and international news programs document such occurrences every day throughout the world. Too many lives are lost and property is damaged because no one was prepared to properly react when immediate decisions and actions counted. Read More...

President's Message

This Month’s theme for the article is building green.  In the forestry industry, we’ve always been green.  A good logger does not cut the timber for profit and gain, we cut it for betterment of the forest.  In my opinion “Going Green” is just a sales pitch for what we as loggers have been doing from the beginning.

As with the pattern of logging in the past it looks like we are going to be facing a down turn in the industry. Read More...