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Great Lakes TPA Magazine - February 2017


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Product Showcase: Complete Cellular Services

Caterpillar® 501HD Harvester

The Cat® 501HD sets the standard for production, comfort and efficiency.

At first glance, the Cat 501HD may look like its predecessor, the Fabtek 153. They share the same
purpose-built platform and robust stick and jib arm design. Its overall exterior has maintained the Fabtek’s
tight, compact body style with excellent visibility. But that’s where the similarities end. Since the Cat 501HD
was introduced in 2007, there have been many updates to make the 501HD a more productive, comfortable, and fuel efficient machine; and Fabick Cat, the Caterpillar dealer for Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, backs it with the best parts and service support in the logging industry. Read more...

Director's Notes

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates.

I’m not sure where the opening statement originated but it sure makes sense doesn’t it?   So many times in life, folks ramble about looking for greener grass failing to use their existing talent in a meaningful, productive manner.

The same can be true with organizations.  Sam Walton stated “an organization that focuses on everything focuses on nothing.”  If you’re an undisciplined Octopus on roller skates I agree with Walton’s statement.  On the other hand what possibilities exist when you get the octopus trained to skate?  All those little tentacles hooked to the main brain, skating the same direction for the same cause?  (How’s that for a mind sticking picture?)  The octopus then becomes totally engaged setting priorities and operating according to those priorities as directed by the octopuses’ brain or organizations leadership. Read More...

FISTA Report

Are You Dressed For The Occasion?

Wearing the proper clothing and personal protective equipment in the working environment is critical. Appropriate clothing is your first and often only line of defense against many safety and health hazards.

Proper clothing is key. Simple as it may sound, you must dress for the occasion. Wearing stylish clothing can create a bigger hazard or may not provide protection from hazards while you work. Proper clothing that protects is the key. It is not uncommon to hear about tragedies that have taken place when a worker who was wearing loose clothing got too close to an operating machine and was drawn into the machine. Machines are powerful and unforgiving! Loose clothing is never appropriate in an industrial workplace. Read More...

President's Message

I hope everyone’s New Year is starting off well.  We are definitely getting the colder weather that we wanted so that we could get into our winter sales.

As an owner of a Logging & Trucking business, I realize that this is our busy time of year.  It is also one of the most dangerous time due to the cold temperatures, snow & ice. Read More...