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Great Lakes TPA Magazine - April 2017


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Cat® K2 Series Dozers
Grading made easy.

For pioneering, building and maintaining critical logging access roads, Caterpillar® offers a complete line of fuel efficient, powerful machines to open an maintain your roads. Cat has a line of small dozers that are powerful, reliable, maneuverable and easy to operate. Experience the most intuitive finish grading tractor in the industry with the Cat K2 Series dozers.


Director's Notes

  “The society which scorns excellence in plumbing because plumbing is a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy.  Neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.”     John Gardner

When I read the above quote forest certification immediately came to mind.  Forest certification is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the logging community.  When I say logging community not all loggers are included.  There are those such as the Master Logger Group and many other excellent loggers who abide by the principles of certification.  They take great pride in their work, do an excellent job and do all they can to assist landowners to make good decisions and implement sustainable forestry.  Quite frankly the work they perform speaks for itself.  They perform and exhibit the quality workmanship considered a performance measure for certification.


FISTA Report

Picture this scenario.  You are walking through your operation and notice a puddle of oil on the floor.  Hopefully, you recognize that this is a safety hazard and proceed to clean up the oil.  Feeling that you have done all you can to prevent an accident from occurring, you return to your usual job.  But did you really do everything you could have done to prevent an injury?  How about if I told you that the next day your co-worker slips and falls on the same puddle of oil and injures his back?  You may argue that you had cleaned up the puddle of oil the previous day.  What went wrong?


President's Message

With Earth Day fast approaching, our thoughts turn to the natural resources that God has given us.  I believe that Loggers, Foresters & Farmers are people who truly take good care of the earth.  Farmers, till the land and plant their crops every year.  Loggers and Foresters can only harvest their crops every 10 to 60 years, depending on the wood, but that allows for regeneration and sustaining the forest, so that it continues to grow.  We follow a lot more requirements than we did years ago to help maintain water quality, such as, using timber mats on soft ground as to not disturb the soil or change the surface water flow.  We also use them for water crossings.  Roads are now built to channel the water run off away from streams and ponds.    On the other hand, in the last several years we’ve had many Americans that claim to care about our earth and water quality, to the point of protesting, but yet their actions speak differently.