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Great Lakes TPA Magazine - December 2016


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Product Showcase: Complete Cellular Services

Complete Cellular Service
"Completing YOUR Connection"

For the last 11 years we have been connecting where the carrier drops off. Fixing your
cellphone when broken or not working properly to improve your signal where you never had it
before! We know you work in the back woods where carriers just don’t focus their towers. A
combination of the latest technology with our knowledge provides you the best package
connecting you to the tower, enhancing your voice and internet quality. Read More...

Director's Notes

Get Wisdom, Get Understanding!

Get wisdom, get understanding.  The two are not the same.  Understanding is based upon the acquisition of knowledge-it is filtering, sifting, sorting and defining a process.  Wisdom, in comparison is an applying process.

Understanding tells us what is happening-wisdom tells why it’s happening.  Understanding gives us the facts-wisdom tells us what to do with those facts. Understanding yields insight into how a problem might be solved-wisdom tells us which solution to pursue, and when and how to pursue it. Read More...

FISTA Report

Holiday Fun, Holiday Stress, Holiday Accidents

All year long you've heard messages that remind you to "work safely... don't take shortcuts... prevent accidents ..." To do this, of course, you have to keep your mind on your work. But this time of the year, your mind may be everywhere else but on your work. Read More...

President's Message

The Logging Expo Committee recently had a wrap up meeting for this year’s Oshkosh show.  We also started working on the upcoming Escanaba show and had discussions regarding a venue for the 2018 Wisconsin show.  Logging expo chairman Sparky Enstrom and myself met with the events manager from the Green Bay Packers to explore returning the show to Lambeau Field. Unfortunately, the Packers are unable to accommodate us anymore due to their business obligations year round at the facility.  In short, they cannot shut down the parking lot for 5 complete days for show setup, show hours, and show teardown.  We have looked at other venues in and around Green Bay, but none meets our needs for the show.  So the committee felt it was valuable to let you know why the show has not been back to Green Bay.  We have tried, and will continue to look at Green Bay, but as of now there is not a place that can accommodate our needs in that area. Read More...