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Michigan Legislative Update

Week of May 25, 2017

By Judy Augenstein

The 109th House District will see a special election in November to fill the vacancy left by the death of Rep. John Kivela.  The primary, if needed, is scheduled for August 8 and the general for November 7.  "Although we are still mourning the loss of Rep. Kivela both in Lansing and in the Marquette community, it is important that the residents of the 109th District have a timeline for when to expect new representation at the Capitol, "Governor Snyder said in a statement announcing the election.  The filing deadline is June 6.

One of the more intriguing Republican primaries for a State seat is developing in northern Michigan with former Rep. Rendon creating a committee this week to run for the 35th Senate District, setting up a showdown from the GOP nomination against former Rep Ray Franz who announced his candidacy in early February.

House members approved legislation blocking state agencies from adopting rules more stringent than those applied by the federal government.  HB 4205, sponsored by Rep. Triston Cole, R-Mancelona, now moves to the Senate for further action.  HB 4205 prohibits a state agency from making rules more stringent than federal standards unless it is specifically authorized to do so by state statute, or if the director of the agency "determines that the preponderance of the evidence establishes a need to exceed the federal standard." 

Rep. Cole commented during floor debate that the legislation would put the authority for rule making in the hands of the state Legislature, elected by the voters and held accountable to them. 

HB 4644, sponsored by Rep. Triston Cole,R-Mancelona Chair, House Transportation Committee has been referred to the House Transportation Committee.  The multiple use permit tailored after Wisconsin law is expected to receive committee debate the week of June 4.

SB 396, legislation sponsored by Senator Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba has been referred to the Senate Transportation Committee.  The purpose of the bill is to address ongoing issues with county road agencies and loggers.  Senator Casperson
has personally worked on this issue with other legislators for many years.

Our joint GLTPA/MAT legislative reception was an smashing success.  At last count, our guest list totaled 85 guests from the DNR Director and other DNR guests, MDOT officials, to staff and organizations we partnership with such as the Michigan Manufacturers Association and the National Federation of Independent Businesses which I am working with on the Amish issue.  We networked with some 50 legislators from both sides of the political aisle.

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