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Michigan Legislative Update

Week of April 16, 2015

by Judy Augenstein

When Senator Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek unveils his proposal for reforming the state's 2008 energy law at the end of the month, he expects to keep the 10 % cap on electric choice competition but with new conditions.  Though a lot of discussion has surrounded Senator Nof's, Chair, Senate Energy and Technology Committee, they actually have hardly met to discuss updating the state's energy law.

The issue is expected to be a major priority issue this year.  Many provisions of the current law are set to expire at the end of 2015.  There is increased pressure to have something to work with as new standards are set by the EPA especially as they relate to air emissions.

Currently, alternative energy suppliers are allowed to comprise 10 % of the energy marketplace for the major utilities.  Senator Nofs has previously stated that he would like to allow those in the choice market to stay there if they would like, but perhaps set parameters around when they could jump back to the regulated utilities.  Meanwhile, Rep. Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton, Chair of the House Energy and Technology Committee, has unveiled a plan to eliminate choice.

Stay tuned---they are back!!

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