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Michigan Legislative Update

Week of November 13, 2015

by Judy Augenstein

The Legislature was only in session one day this week so not much happened legislatively.

The one pathetic thing that happened was that Republicans and Democrats traded jabs over radio advertisements that criticized GOP House members who are veterans on Veterans Day about their road funding votes.  The Michigan Democratic Party launched the ads against House Republicans in swing district on Tuesday as part of a campaign to slam them for their votes for a $1.2 billion road funding plan which has absolutely nothing to do with Veterans Day. 

Two of the targeted lawmaker were Rep. John Bizon, R-Battle Creek and Rep. Tom Barrett R-Potterville, both are VETERANS.  Speaker Kevin Cotter R-Mt. Pleasant issued a statement that said "Veterans Day was the first full day of the attack ads".  "Veterans Day is supposed to be a time to put politics aside and honor our nation's heroes together", Cotter said in his statement.  "Instead, House Democrats chose to politicize this year's holiday and launched shameful attack ads in the local communities of two veterans currently serving in the House.  "Their actions do a disservice to our nations' forces and to the many people who wanted to come together Wednesday to thank Rep.s Barrett and Bizon for their service."  

Hopefully, nest week will be a more productive week.

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