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Michigan Legislative Update

Week of January 5, 2015

by Judy Augenstein

The next four years will be more about fitting programs to people than is current practice.  Governor Rick Snyder said after being sworn in for his second term.  One priority of Snyder's is to have Michigan become a leader in encouraging students into career and technical education programs. 

The Governor took the oath of office for the final time since term limits prevents him from seeking re-election.  Snyder also said anyone thinking he will function like a "lame duck" does not know him.  Snyder stated that Michigan needs to urge more students into skilled trades as the state works to improve education and wants Michigan to be the lead in the nation in skilled trades. 

The Governor is urging various groups to work together on issues facing the state. He commented that Michigan's future is about being less divisive and more inclusive.  Many political pundits have said incoming legislative leaders are more conservative which could make it difficult for Snyder to move his agenda.  The Governor responded to the statement with he is withholding judgment on how well he could work with the new Legislature.  He feels that since he has more experience working with the legislature, he will do a better job working with them over the last four years. 

It may be a new year, but Governor Rick Snyder still has more than 200 bills left over to consider from last session. Remaining bills which passed the legislature and ordered "enrolled" will be formally presented to the Governor for his consideration.  He can sign them into law, veto or allow them to set on his desk for 14 days where they will automatically become law. 

SB 78, sponsored by Senator Tom Casperson, known as the biodiversity bill, was presented to the Governor on Monday among a pack of 90 bills and should be considered within the next few days.

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