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Ensure Transportation Dollars
are Used for Transportation

7 Days and Counting

In 2009, it was just an idea. In 2010, Finding Forward was formed.  This coalition worked to get an advisory referendum on the ballot in November 2010 asking voters if they would support an amendment to protect Wisconsin’s transportation fund. The strong YES vote led the legislature to pass in 2011 first consideration of a proposed constitutional amendment to limit the use of transportation user fees to transportation. Second consideration was passed two years later.

So five years later, we are now down to one week – seven days. It’s time to wrap this up.

Here are some last minute things you can do to help the cause:

  • Write a letter (or have a member write in) to the editor in support. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is having an entire page dedicated to letters related to this election – candidates and issues – on November 2nd. It could be a simple email of support sent to Other papers may have similar coverage this weekend.
  • Send one last email to your members to remind them to vote and more specifically to Vote YES for transportation.
  • Post information about Vote YES to your organization’s Facebook page or other social media platforms.
  • Tell more of your friends and family why it is important to Vote YES for transportation.

Thanks for the support and make sure to Vote YES on November 4th.